Another Project Completed by Middleton Structures Ltd. Private Developer.

MSL scope of works package included:

  • Ground Investigation.
  • Foundation Design.
  • Hot & Cold Rolled Steel Frame Design.
  • Supply, Manufacture and Installation of all Steelwork.
  • Design, Supply and Installation of external Roof & Wall Cladding.
  • Supply and Installation of Window, Door & Roller Shutter.

Testimony: –

When I first met James earlier this year, I had already been let down by one Commercial Building “expert” that was recommended to me, at the same time I was wrestling with a decision over whether or not to do business with another small husband and wife business who offered me what a appeared to be a great price. My concern was that they wanted me to pay for almost all of the building up front, before any materials were even delivered to site.
My first impression of James was a good one, he listened to my ideas and suggested ways to make them work. He seemed genuinely on my side and wanted to help me get the best value for money available. At the same time James seemed happy to help me with decisions that I had been struggling with on my own. I never once rang him to find that he either didn’t want to talk or wasn’t interested. When busy, he always rang me back without fail.

It was abundantly clear that James knew exactly how to build what I wanted and exactly who to employ to do it. Before James had even spoken to me about money and payment terms I had made my mind up that of all of the builders that I had spoken to, he gave me the most confidence.  Delivery of a first class building, on schedule plus exactly to budget was never in doubt.

All of the contractors and materials arrived when James said that they would. Weather permitting everything went exactly to schedule, which was way faster than I’d envisaged. I was even able to confidently offer occupancy to the new tenant within 8 weeks of my completing the footings.

During the build one of the contractors accidentally caused some minor damage, no voices or heart rates were raised, we agreed how best to repair the damage and James picked up the bill.  I’d be surprised if he even passed it onto the contractor.

It cost me a little bit more than I had been quoted elsewhere, but without sounding too cliche, you get what you pay for. The building is of a higher quality than I’d previously expected, as was the Contractor (Middleton Structures Ltd).

Very well done James. If anyone would like to look at my building or talk to me about any of what I’ve written, please do just give me a call.
Douglas Yabsley  – (Building Owner)
07800 857 238